Back in the States 

Five days ago I was in London. Now that I’m back in the states… and have been for almost a week, I have an entire new perspective on the rest of my graduate career and afterwards. I know now that working with an international company has many advantages. The immediate perks that come to mind are that you get to travel around the world and experience different cultures. However there are so many things beyond that can better you professionally. When you experience how an international office it can lead you to a better experience in the U.K. You know how to commuicate with others who aren’t necessarily like you, and experience life the same way you do. This can better your professional relationships in the US and globally. It gives you more or an open mind. This also goes for the way you think about brands outside your own environment. How products are marketed to other cultures is not only fascinating but important to a PR professionals perspective. I am not sure where I am going with my capstone because I’m still sort of shell shocked from the whole experience (in a good way, of course) but I would like to discuss with my professors this fall how I can incorporate London into my capstone. I did not experience all that I wanted to with the health team, and that was the only downside but consumer wise, I feel I might be able to do something interesting with an international brand. 

Missing London already. I’m very thankful to Golin for the experience!


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