End of Golin

It’s hard to narrow down one thing I’ve done for this SEAM experience that captures my entire experience. My experience with healthcare, sad to say, but I got a good glimpse of what they do in comparison to where I spent most of my time in the consumer department. One thing I worked on for Health was an application they are helping to get off the ground called IndexMed, this pertains the most to what I have been studying during my research. It is an application that doctors and medical students can obtain for a small subscription fee and therefore have access to any type of medical text. The idea is to improve productivity and patient communication with their general physician. I will not be there when they organize an advisory board but I made great contacts within the health department as well as the whole organization. I discovered I like the idea of seeing an application or brand through from the beginning till launch, and that’s something I’d like to experience in the next steps of my career. During my time in consumer, I learned a great deal about how detail oriented a PR professional must be when it comes to packaging and presentation. Half the battle is keeping up relationships and presenting a product that is catches someone’s eye. As far as my research goes, I would like to research this application more and see how it can pertain to my research for my capstone. 


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