Let’s climb a mountain and conquer the world. #Golin

I’m learning more and more that Golin seems to the type of company that lets you spread your wings. You are encouraged to be creative and to do whatever it takes to be inspired. Today was my second to last day at Golin and ironically enough it was also the day of my first staff meeting. They have these meetings monthly where they pick a star employee that seems to be shining. You are nominated by your colleagues. If you win star employee twice in the year, you win a trip to the Golin New York Office. It seems to be a highly regarded position, and I understand why. When each nominee was explained, each of their notes said that so and so stayed late and came in early when needed and went above and beyond on their accounts. Another part of the meeting was introducing a staff member that is off to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with other members of Golin from all of the offices. They are doing so to raise awareness and funds for the endangered Pangolin. Golin is all about doing life big and taking every opportunity you can to expand your mind. I really identify with that mission and way or life. Having employees that inspire each other adds to their corporate culture. It wasn’t something I picked up on right away. At first glance Golin appears to be like any other corporate company. But today, even when working with the health team, I can see they are constantly trying to make others lives better through which they see different products. For instance, an app they are working with that is of interest to me is a subscription service for healthcare professionals to have access to whatever medical journals and textbooks they want for a small reasonable fee. The intent is to better educate general practitioners and those in the medical field so they have these texts at their fingertips if they come across something they don’t often see. It can make a great impact on patient physician communication, which interests me greatly, considering my work back at home. Tomorrow I finish the week with the health team and will have more to report then. For now, all I can say is it’s going to be hard to leave London. It’s been a great experience for my own independence and my career goals. Below are some pics of my time in London. 


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