The projects never end!

During my time at Golin, I’ve noticed that I am given up to 6 projects a day. Some may be small, some may be larger, but even as an intern obtaining work experience, you are given a massive amount of responsibility. Since my last entry, I’ve noticed that the managers leave a little up to interpretation when completing a project. Another intern who is at Golin for three months gave me some tips for these different projects. One being to keep your own records. This may sound simple but she advised me to write down every time I follow up with someone, with the time. Managers can be quite specific and want to know how many times you have reached out to someone. This also goes for when you are tracking and clipping coverage (posts from an event for example) about a company from influencers. I have learned to go the extra mile and a little bit more. Today I worked on two different gift box projects. One for Dove and another for Cadbury. For Dove, we received beautiful white trunks, personalized for every recipient with a new range of products for them to try. During this project I was also training a new intern. Isn’t that crazy? ME training someone after only being at Golin a week and a half. But as I directed her on what to do, I realized I was picking up these PR activities and techniques quite quickly, and in a way it didn’t even seem like a job. My manager for this task was quite pleased with the result of the trunks and so was I! 

As I have said, my daily activities usually include clipping and tracking coverage, comp slip writing, gift box making, ordering, lots of phone calls and briefs with my managers about the different brands. In between I have assigned other random tasks. It is non stop from the moment I get into the office till the time I leave and I really like that. 

I am specializing right now in women’s self care products as well as food. At the end of this week I am suppose to be assigned to health. So far, I find Golin to be a very smart organization that really focuses on influencers who Market products to the public. I have noticed they partner a great deal with YouTube Stars and popular celebrities in the U.K. like Ellie Goulding and Lily Allen. This is especially important to their beauty products, and even their food companies they represent. Golin is extremely creative and very versatile. 


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