Work Environment at Golin

As soon as I arrived at the Golin office in Holborn, I was immediately busy. I was introduced to my boss for the next two weeks, Tessa. Right away she started me on the Essie nail polish and Cadbury Chocolate accounts. The environment at first seemed just like any other office, however my cultural impressions about London were deemed true in the office environment as well. The girl to my right was from Sweden and across from me was from Finland. I began to become close with them as the week went on. They were full of experience and helped me when I was completely lost on a few tasks. For instance, one of my first assignments required me running all over London to find the most Chocolate I could find for gift baskets. These gift baskets were going to be sent to journalists from some of the must well known publications around London. I was given the company card and I started my journey, soon finding out Cadbury was everywhere but nowhere at the same time. It was a simple task, but complicated because I was wandering the streets without wifi and in a city I hardly knew the layout of. However, it turned out to be one of the biggest learning experiences I’ve had all week because I had to figure out mostly everything on my own with little guidance. I think it was one of those instances where I had to prove myself to the people around me and show them I wasn’t just there for a two week vacation. 

I was also in charge of checking up on these journalists to see if they showed our gift baskets in any of their social media. I then added it into our coverage folder for Cadbury. That has become one of my favorite things that I’ve been doing for Golan. I’ve been tracking news and social media coverage of Cadbury and Essie and adding it into Golan’s system. The small jobs in PR that may not seem like much, are teaching me what this business is about. Next week I’ll be shadowing the Dove Team as well as the Heath team to acquire some information for my research back at home. I’m so excited to see where the last week takes me!


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