The Global Experience Center


I had the opportunity to meet with one of the global experience classes at the Global Experience Center. Marlie (my classmate) and I introduced ourselves by sharing some of the things we enjoy; we also spoke about the noticeable differences between America and South Korea that we have experienced in our short time of being in the country.DSC_0001

For example, the scarcity of trash cans on the street; most Korean people take their trash home, separate it, and recycle it. I think Americans should adopt this way of thinking to better maintain the environment.


Additionally, we were able to sit down with the high school students and learn a little about what they like to do. Some of their interests were similar to ours, such as the music they enjoy; many mentioned American artists like Arianna Grande and Rihanna. Kids are kids all over; they were shy, excited, and giggly while talking with us.


The school also has a three day global learning program were students are able to learn about American history, help with their English skills, and create fun art.


One of the great things I noticed about the school is that the professor also is prepared to discuss serious issues with the students. One of the subjects for the class will be on body image. I think it’s important to discuss these kind of global issues with children to help them realize how unique and special they are. I think classes like this should be offered to American high school students (if they dont already exsist).


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