Professional Culture


The view from the 7th floor where the department I work in is located.

The professional culture of the Seongdong-Gu office is very relaxed! When I think “government office”, relaxed is usually the last word that comes to mind.

What I am quickly learning is that everyone here works very hard. Almost everyone arrives to work early, and stays late. If help is needed they assist each other, and they embrace a culture of unity and togetherness. I notice this by the way that everyone comes together to work, take breaks, and even by the way the office is set up. No cubicle dividers between every single desk here!


Here are 3 work spaces, but no wall separators. Everyone gets a personal fan too because it can got pretty hot in here. No A/C!

Unlike a government office in the US, which can be cold, boring, and even a little uptight most of the time; the Seongdong-Gu office is warm. It’s almost like working in a close-knit corporate office in the US rather than a government office.

The culture difference within the professional culture that causes some difficulty is the langauge barrier. However, everyone makes an effort to communicate to their best ability. I am make sure I speak clearly, and speak simply without being insulting.

So far, I’m thinking it would be great to work in an office environment like this in the US!



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