Day 1: Meeting the Seongdong Team


Today was my first day at work. I’m very excited about the rest of my trip after meeting the team. We had an orientation, and then we went for lunch at Ashley’s. Nam, Jay, Emma, and Carrie (my supervisor) will be guiding me through some of the tours for this intern experience.


Additionally, Marlie and I had a chance to see some of the office. One of the more exceptional moments is when I was able to sit in the head chair of the council (I believe, they didn’t give me a name because of the language barrier). Man-Seok told us that there are 14 council members and the picture below is where they decide on the passing and denying of laws for Seongdong-Gu.IMG_1444This room (below) is for when public servants want to present an issue to the council. They stand at the podium and tell the council their issues or ask for changes.


Until my next adventure!

안녕 (goodbye)


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