Wrapping up: England 

I’ve had many memorable moments during my time in England. This experience with the BBC has taken me to the strawberry farms in Faversham, to the beautiful city of Brighton in the south and to the coast of Broadstairs.

(Me) sitting at the desk on set at the BBC Southeast

I’ve enjoyed my time here, every second of it. But the thing I will remember the most is my first time sitting in the gallery during a live program. It’s was amazing to see dozens of televisions all displaying different things and seeing a group of people coordinate down to the second to make the broadcast run smoothly.

The gallery at the BBC Southeast

I had never seen a live program be produced and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Learning how television broadcasts work has been a pleasant surprise. My first impressions about getting around here and getting acclimated were pretty much correct. It took a couple days to get completely comfortable but once I did it was smooth sailing so to speak.

My advice to anyone who wants to do a similar SEAM is to brush up on newsroom terms. An experience like the BBC can help a lot of people. If you like editing video or coordinating people this will be great for you. Obviously if you want to go in to journalism this is also a good choice but this experience was more than just journalism. This SEAM taught me the important act of communication, it taught me what good writing is and how to convey a message. I also learned the importance of words and how every word you write should have a purpose. This was a wonderful experience and I will never forget it!


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