Cheers from Ireland

Vlog on my Youtube : Blog Day 1

Cheers is used frequently in Ireland as a substitute for the western phrases “thank you” “hello” and “goodbye”. I’ve been indulging in the cheery (no pun intended) and relaxed culture of Ireland for the last two days. I booked an Airbnb in a quiet suburb called Rathfarnham.  I have a scenic view of Dodder River and Bushy Park from my large room window. Throughout the day I’ve seen families, couples, workers, students and tourist walk back and forth at their leisure.

On my first evening I prepared my backpack and headed to the City Centre (about 2 miles from my Airbnb). It’s the equivalent of a Marietta Square, where you can find boutiques, book and electronic stores, coffee shops, grocery stores, diners and fine dining. As I walked, I noticed the birds will chirp throughout the day, flying and landing freely. Most Westerners would panic at being within 3 feet of a bird, but the locals don’t blink an eye. The locals I first encountered on the street didn’t look approachable, making me a bit nervous to ask for help. After asking one of the strangers for directions, I soon realized that they were more than willing to help. I believe I misjudged the local’s facial expressions. Mostly everyone on the street was dressed professionally so I now assume that they were just focused on going to work or an appointment.

I journeyed into a German grocery store named LIDL to purchase some food for my stay. I don’t want to shock you, but LIDL didn’t have any Ginger ale, Mustard or Tartar sauce! Despite my disappointment, I grabbed a loaf of bread, jelly, oranges, water, fish patties, a frozen pizza and some Pringles. I spent under 18 Euros and stuffed everything in my backpack to head back to my room. When I returned I met my other roommates, a couple from Australia and a girl from the UK. It’s exciting to be around other International travelers and I look forward to speaking with them more.

Unfortunately, my attention span was short, because I’m still suffering from the infamous jet lag. Before I fell asleep I caught the sunset. The sun doesn’t set till after 10pm and the sky begins to transition from blue to purple and then to pink before the sun complete sets.

I’ll start shadowing with the marketing team at Failte Ireland this Monday!

Can’t wait to tell you all about the rest of my time here in Dublin, Ireland!

Brianna Gainey


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