Planning stories 

I’ve had the privilege to help plan a story with the broadcast journalists at the BBC Southeast. Planning a story takes a lot of diligent work. Every day starts the same as I have mentioned in my previous post, a meeting is held to discuss the stories for the day. Working with planning department has taught me how those stories get to the floor of the daily meetings. One way to set up a story is to begin by gloving to the BBC’s journalism portal where they have a log of emails and press releases about potential stories. These stories usually have contact information attached and from there, the story set up begins. I helped in trying to set up a story about a local fire and rescue department’s water safety program to keep children safe. I made several calls to different numbers to try and confirm details to see if the story is possible to run on air the next day.

When the story was set up and people were ready to be interviewed, I went out in the field the next day to help to see it put together. Much like my experience with the strawberry farm story I went out with a small crew, once the filming is done, the editing process takes place in the news van that accompanies us.

News van we used

The back seat of the news van where editing takes place

Seeing the process from start to finish of setting up a story has made me realize that a key aspect of the BBC’s success is organization. Their ability to stay organized ensures that they will have good stories to run on a consistent basis. It’s surprising to see their detailed organizational methods. They can find footage from months ago or a solid news story to run for the next day. I keep learning new things every day while I’m here and I can’t wait to see what’s next.


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