Working for the BBC Southeast 

In my time at the BBC Southeast I have shadowed several people at several positions. Every day begins with a meeting where they discuss stories to cover and produce. After the meetings somebody tells me who I’m going to shadow and I start my day following whatever they are doing and learning as much as I can. There are many positions at the BBC Southeast which include:

  1. Editor
  2. Assistant editor 
  3. Producers
  4. Broadcast journalist 
  5. Video Journalist 

One of those positions was that of a field reporter/video journalist. I was asked to accompany a journalist who had to cover a story about Strawberry season finally arriving. We took a car to Faversham, which was about an hour away, to a strawberry farm. 

Strawberry farm in Faversham

The crew was very small and I was told that was typical. It’s usually only the journalist and professional operating the camera (the official title escapes my memory). We talked to the owner of the farm and filmed the interview, then we edited the footage on the scene to make a “package” to be broadcast during the lunch time show. 

What surprised me about the BBC is the seamless collaboration between people in the field and everyone at the office. It’s amazing to see the turnover from filming and editing on the spot to get the footage in on time for live shows. I think their ability to communicate so effectively and trust one another to do their part is their biggest key to success. 

What the final product looks like


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