Puerto Rican Expert

My SEAM was an exploratory project of Microsoft’s community building initiatives in San Juan.  The crux of my activities centered around attending the education forum and visiting Microsoft Retail Stores in San Juan, Atlanta, and Miami. I’ve visited the San Juan Store, but will visit the Atlanta and Miami stores later this summer. I didn’t have any specific projects, because I am conducting a directed study focused on community building.

Overall, I’m happy that I chose the directed study, because it gave me an opportunity to explore the company that I work for, and it allows me to explore different angles of my research topic.  As you can see from my previous blogs, I learned a lot about the Puerto Rican culture, the island, and Microsoft Retail Store operations.  I also developed a new respect for the Microsoft Retail team.  They are a phenomenal group of people who are impacting their local community by meeting people where they are in life, but empowering them to do more through technology.  I still have to visit the Atlanta and Miami stores, so I’m hoping that I’ll find similar programs and enthusiasm for Microsoft customers.

The picture above is of the Microsoft Retail team warming up for the day.  I’ll explain more in my next blog.  😀


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