MAIGC Girl in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is amazing!!! I landed a couple of days ago, and everyone has treated me beautifully! I’m only here for a short week, but feel right at home. I can feel the distinct Latin culture that is so vibrant and proud.

In the major cities, most people speak English. When I ventured into some of the smaller neighborhoods, I found that people speak very little English unless they have jobs in hospitality or food service. But! The language barrier didn’t stop me from enjoying the delicious food. The blend of herbs and spices are sinful. I think I could eat beans and rice everyday.

Puerto Rico has a beach just about everywhere you place your feet. I was shocked at some of the beaches. Yes, I’ve already been to the beach. LOL! Luquilla Beach was one of the world’s top beaches a few years ago, but has fallen into despair. The section of the beach that I visited was covered with trash and debris. However, the beaches in Condado were pristine. The difference in the maintenance of the two beaches may be a by-product of tourism. Condado is a tourist destination. There are casinos, restaurants, nightlife, and many hotels within walking distance of the beach in Condado. Luquilla beach is off the beaten path. Mostly locals use the beach, so there may be less focus on the upkeep. There are also beaches in Isla Verde that are larger, but also dirty. As I visited each beach, I wondered if the care and maintenance of the beaches are evidence of the recent bankruptcy announcements Puerto Rico officials made.

I rented a car, so public transportation was not a concern for me. Also, San Juan is relatively small, so I didn’t have any trouble finding the locations for Microsoft in Education Puerto Rico 20167 Forum or the Microsoft Retail Store. Both locations were minutes away from the house I rented. If I didn’t have a rental car, Uber was readily available throughout the island. There is also a free street car in Old San Juan that tours the old city, so I don’t think transportation will be an issue for future visitors.

I think people visiting the island will find it very safe, easy to get around, and a great place to call home.  There is lots of ecological places to visit, lots of history, and even more in the way of restaurants and entertainment.

~Chauntrell Brewer MAIGC 2017


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