Experiencing Diversity: My Journey in the USA

As a young Syrian female, I had to get away from war. With my heart full of sadness, I had to make a hard decision of leaving the country that I love and starting a new journey in a new country. After all, I was born and raised in Syria. My journey wasn’t easy but fortunately, I found what I consider being my second country: the USA.

This is not just my message; it’s a message from all the different communities that are able to live together, to respect others believes, where there are love, tolerance and compassion.

I just can’t express enough my gratitude towards the incredible American people that I met. They show me how life would be more wonderful when you accept everyone, from young people to adults, either men and woman, Muslims, Christians, Jews, or non- believers. 1936109_10153619432943857_6607311767577580518_nIt sure is one of those things I will always keep in my heart, especially, because too many Syrians were and are forced to leave Syria because of their beliefs. The American friends that I met in the US don’t just make everyone feel welcome, they embrace us and make us a part of the community. The American people, unlike any other country in the world, has the ability to make the diversity one of their most powerful tools. It’s not strange to see that this is a part of their culture. After all, the USA was born this way.

The time that I spent, so far, in the United States allows me to see how things are. We all have an idea about the country even though most of us never went there. But the change that I got from being there allowed me to have a different perspective. 13043305_3577325308205_3985691880955616256_nThe kind of perspective that only who lives in the USA is able to have. And it clearly showed me that, unlike what many of us hear that Americans hate the Arabs and Muslims. Americans encourage each one who has a dream and works hard for it. For example, establishing a small business, like that dream that I always had in my country, with a powerful instinct for business, it’s truly remarkable how the American people is still able to innovate in so many different areas. With globalization and with the economic crisis that severely affected the entire nation, it’s with a smile on my face that I see all the encouragement the people get to start their own businesses, to be entrepreneurs. Does not matter their nationality, their age or either their gender; in America, everyone is welcome to participate, everyone has a chance to start.


It’s not a matter of someone being more intelligent than other; it’s a matter of having the opportunity to do something good. Having someone to listen to your ideas, to give guidance and the support that you need to get started. In my experience, this is was so obvious in the American education system. The American students are prepared, since they are very young, to think for themselves. They are stimulated to join different activities, to see in what areas they are really good at. And while they are still studying, they have a direct connection with the world that will live in when they finish their degrees through internships, for example.

10614156_10152954518288857_5837077571339800518_n (2)

Seeing how the USA works as a country in first hand is one of those experiences I will never forget. I will remember every experience I had with a lot of love, with the same love that my American friends demonstrated towards me.


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