China’s Mass Media



Before my trip to China, I discussed China’s mass media in my country analysis, and through my blogs, I have already touched on the subject. However, the social media and traditional media in China has taught me a great deal of information and thus has impacted more so than their economic, political or social structures. This could be because I didn’t have enough time to truly integrate myself with society during out short stay in China.

Due to my jetlag in China, I had several sleepless nights where I had the opportunity to search through many of the television channels. Many of the shows had been different types of reality game shows, drama series, sports channels and news. I have discussed the game shows and news stations in previous blogs, so I would like to focus on the sports channels. I had known about China’s gravitation towards basketball due to past research I had conducted; however, I had not known about their strong interest in European football (soccer).

IMG_0791The EUROs were taking place and nearly every restaurant and hotel had been advertising the games. There were European country flags hanging from the ceilings, the hostesses would be dressed in different European jerseys, and on every corner and floor of hotel rooms there were brackets of the teams.

Before my arrival to China and even the first night there I had no idea China was so into European football. I also never believed that China actually censored non-negative stories however after CNN would cut off a few seconds after China was mentioned it struck me that I was in a different country with different rules to their media.


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