Experiencing Diversity: ICT in America

Information and communication Technology is leading the way for America’s “Going Global” culture that remains prevalent in many of my experiences in America that is moving into the future of global communications. United Nations publishes the ICT development index every year, has ranked America at 6th place in the ICT development index of 2015. Average American citizens have the access to this technology as a basic right. Even the government have launched the e-governance systems to reach out its citizens and provide them services at their doorstep.

In America, 87% people use the internet occasionally and therefore the computer ownership have been enhanced to 80% while the Smartphone utilization is 58% this shows that, communication technology is emerging g at a high-s.pngThe access to the internet is different across different states of the USA. Connection whether due to the internet or the mobile phones is readily enhancing the market information, health services, and the financial services in a very innovative way (Ismael Diaz, 2012). ICT is changing the way people do their business even the medical and educational institutes has been modernized. Nowadays, people are moving toward the Smartphones instead of other forms of technology to use the internet (Keri Stephens, 2011).

The development of the communication technology in America has shown that the business sectors that utilize the modern technology get the better chance of growth, invest more and their income is more profitable. Therefore, we can say that the communication technology has become the largest distribution platform of the services in America and many other developing countries (Keri Stephens, 2011).

Smartphones & Computers.png

According to several studies and surveys, it has been shown that about 73% of the average citizens in America has the access to the internet but the utilization differs according to several aspects especially the age (Ismael Diaz, 2012). For the older adults it was hard to adapt to the latest communication technology but now it has been shown that 58% of the senior citizens have accepted and are utilizing this latest technology. People with different forms of lifestyle also have different utilization of communication technology (Ismael Diaz, 2012). Therefore, we can say that every average citizen has the equal access of communication technology in America and it depends on the person whether he utilizes it or in what way he uses the on the internet (Keri Stephens, 2011).

The stats of Smartphone prevalence are as followsThe traditional ways of going online by using the desktop and the laptops have been reduced to a greater extent and now the American reality of online experience has changed to a greater level. Since the last few years, the Smartphone ownership in the USA has increased to 64% (Ismael Diaz, 2012). As the ownership of smartphones is increasing in the USA so are the reliance of people on the online services is increasing as it is providing people with now opportunities of increasing their income (Ismael Diaz, 2012). Meanwhile, the usage of social media is reaching a new level of maturity as the utilization of social media is increasing at a greater rate. Most of the people these days are using social media to stay connected with their loved ones (Ismael Diaz, 2012). Additionally, the penetration rate of social media in the United States is higher than the rest of the world. With nearly 185.6 Million (59 %) of the United States population uses the social media. Among the different social media sites, Facebook is most common used social media platform (Luo & Bu, 2016).

Social Media USA


For startups, social media marketing serves as their ticket to success. These startups capitalize on the immense power of social use to boost up their products and services. Same is true for American start-ups, as they use a multitude of social media techniques to market their product to the specific target market. However, these startups have to design their products according to the needs of customers with jam-packed value, to lure them to purchase their products.

Higher traffic to the web page or more views to the posts means more potential customers. HubspotFor instance, as a recent survey conducted by Hubspot  indicates that about 94% of American marketers think that social media marketing is an important driver for their business success. Additionally, more than 80 % of these marketers thinks that their efforts increase the traffic to their web posts (Luo & Bu, 2016).  As this survey suggests that there is a huge potential for the business to grow and increase their sale through social media marketing. Following are some of the major reasons why American companies prefer social media marketing to reach the potential customers.

  • Increased Brand Recognition – Businesses around the globe use every means possible to increase their brand awareness. Getting noticed is the first step in being successful. Through social media tools, the businesses get the attention they need (Yuan et al., 2016). They introduce their products on social media by using handles like Twitter and Facebook. It is easy to target niche target market through the social media.
  • Increased Brand Loyalty – Loyal customers are the backbone of the company success and are the guarantee of a sustainable revenue stream. Businesses strive to locate loyal customers and increase their loyal customer base. Social media is of great help. For instance, a recent survey suggests that 75% Americans, who follow a brand actively across a range of different social media handles are loyal customers to those brands
  • More opportunities – Social media presents an opportunity to the companies to increase their sales. Every “view” on social media matters, as it may turn out to be a potential customer, even more, a loyal customer, who knows? In this going global context, American firms can have access to the foreign customers and target the unexplored markets to generate sales (Bloom et al., 2014).
  • Higher Conversion Rates – Results from a recent survey suggests that the social media outnumber the traditional outbound marketing regarding lead-to-close-rate to an impressive 100 % increase. The more the brand is interacting with its customers through social media, the greater is the chance of success.

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