China Visit Wrap-Up

This visit to China was my first time every going abroad. I was a little nervous, but overall I was excited. I had never really seen a completely different culture, though we had discussed them in class numerous times. The trip was great. I loved seeing all the historical sites, and just seeing how people interact with one another. There were a lot of differences in China, but there were also a lot of similarities.


Lindsey, Rebecca, and I


The culture was different, and some of the customs and mannerism were different than what I was used to in the USA. The most difficult for me was the pushing. On the street, or anywhere really, people would just push past you to get where they wanted to go. They did not stop to say sorry or even acknowledge that they hit someone. Not only would they hit you with their bodies, but I was hit with numerous umbrellas when it was raining. This was the hard to deal with because to me it is rude not to apologize for bumping into someone. People would also get in front of you in line if they felt you were not close enough to the people ahead of you. I noticed this the most at Disney. 20160619_130642

While this was difficult, I still enjoyed my time in China. The main reason I had a good time was because of the people. The people that I went to China with, but also the people I met there. The people are what make a country and a culture. The people I met in China were very nice and easy to talk to. I found that despite our different cultures, we had a lot in common. We talked about television, music, boys, school, trying to find jobs, and so many other topics. Connecting with the people there was my favorite part of the China trip.


Lindsey, Daryl, and I with Tina from Kids R Kids China



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