Experiencing Diversity: My Time In The USA

The diverse culture and open living that resides inside the heart of the USA is something that never ceased to amaze me. The USA is the center of almost everything one can imagine to be present at a place. Be it high-level education, creative field, the lifestyle, or just about everything you would love in a place, the region packs all you’d ever yearned for. Ever since I was 14, I always dreamt of visiting America for my studies. What took my particular interest was to study cross-cultural communication art in that country that often described by many as a “melting pot”, where each culture gets in to add its significance and flavor to the general American culture. I still have vivid memories of the very first time I set my foot in America back in 2011. Even though I stayed for only a month, I cannot forget how it felt when I came back in 2013, just three years later after my first experience. Well, who can forget the broad culture of the place, exotic cuisine, wonderful location, mesmerizing scenery, modernized infrastructure, and the sky is the limit from there.

R.H CNN.jpg

The first thing that I could not help but to notice was the roads and the neighborhood. As a visitor, I was amazed to see such well-constructed roads and the accompanying neighborhoods. At first glance, I saw numerous cars on the road, but very few pedestrians. Later on, as an immigrant, to say it struck me as odd would be an understatement because cars here were more of a necessity than a luxury.

With wide, well-developed roads, the appearance of cars moving looked like a game with toys. As I got my hands behind the wheel, it became apparent that there is paramount respect for other drivers, especially female drivers. Clean and easy driving with no rush and race to overtake, whoah! That is the main attraction you would feel seeing the traffic conditions in the USA.

Moreover, as a visitor, the numerous churches of various denominations could not go unnoticed. Despite their existence in large numbers, there were other religious centers such as mosques, Indian temples and Jewish places of worship. The existence of various religious institutions gives visitors the impression that there is a diversity of worship.

Atlanta Church
Who would not love a place where every religion, every individual’s belief is respected and given freedom to express that! As an immigrant, it is a wonderful feeling for me because it shows that you are free to worship, pray and attend any religious gathering the way you desire. This is because, at the end of the day, there is a place for everyone as long as we respect our diversity. I felt like I was wondering in a place I always desired to be. One would always love to roam around a city where there’re so many reasons to spend time and enjoy. The USA is a great lace with a whole lot of beauty as well as every possible facility you would require.

Another thing that I recall vividly was the tax system of the United States. At the time I was visiting, I noticed that prices were labeled on items without the tax included. Therefore, when you go for the payment of the goods, the sales tax will be indicated and billed on the receipt. Seemingly a very simple process in other countries, the US tax system was strange to me.

Later on, as an immigrant, I discovered that taxes have to be filed and paid. Regardless of how little your income is, taxes are a big deal and have to be taken seriously. Tricky as it seems, it is a simple process that only requires personal organization. Perhaps that is the reason why the USA is so developed and well-organized!

It goes without saying that the United States is a beautiful country Washington, New York, Florida, Texas and specifically Georgia. Atlanta City is something to warrant a special mention, which is the sprawling capital of the most populous state, Georgia. It fulfilled my imaginations of what I had thought. I would love to go again and again and every other time I will find a reason and opportunity to go. However, later on as an immigrant, I realized that the United States is entirely different from what the movies portray.

Overall, the place is a perfect hub for emerging leader’s need across all sectors, whether the need is to go for studies, for a career, for entertainment, vacations, business, or other facilities. I still remember that exciting feeling and bit of nervousness when I first went to the USA. I will say the race won my heart and is a must go in a lifetime type of thing.

Have you ever visited United States? If so, what were your first impressions of your visit? Comments below to share your experience 🙂



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