Technology in China

china-phone-3The use of mobile technology that I witnessed in each city while in China was nothing short of surprising. Even though I had a relatively small sample size to gage, it appeared that nearly everyone had mobile devices and all of them used WeChat as their mode of connectivity to friends and family. I was surprised to find social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter were not available, but WeChat seems to work just fine for its audience.

The volume of mobile service providers that are available to customers in China does not compare to the choices that are available to mobile users in the US. In fact, the mobile service market is dominated  by China Mobile and China Unicom both headquartered in Beijing. One of the things that captured my interest in regards to visiting China was in the area of mobile connectivity.  I have worked in the telecom industry for nearly 24 years. Our company is a fortune 10 corporation that provides connectivity in numerous economies around the world. The thought of gaining first hand experiencing with mobile connectivity in China was very exciting to me.

Apple has a strong presence in China. One of the interesting things that I learned from ourApple first tour guide in Beijing was that Apple products are manufactured in China, sent to the United States, and then imported back to China for consumer use. It did not take long to realize that there was a big market for illegal or perhaps even fake Apple products to be sold. I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of connecting my device to the internet even though many websites were not accessible.

Apple StoreDespite the caution that must be taken when buying mobile devices in China there are a lot of authorized retailers that sell and perform repairs to Apple equipment.  Overall, I found technology in general in China to be quite a bit ahead of the US. The sad part of this story is that access to information technology is so closely regulated that far too many people are still limited to what they can access, thus feeding the monster known as the digital divide.

Please share any thoughts or comments regarding Mobile Connectivity in China

The SoS Communicator

Daryl A, Renolds

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