Technology in China

One of the most exciting parts of my trip in China so far has been seeing how tec


WeChat sign at the restaurant at one of the hotels

hnology is used. I am interested in how communication technology can be used and improved. So seeing what type of technology is used in a different country on a daily basis can help me in the future. Almost every one has a smartphone. Specifically they have iPhones. I was told that people will save money and go without other things to be able to afford the new iPhones. Dr. Gao had told us about WeChat in class, and we all downloaded it to be a
ble to communicate, but I still did not realize how popular and widely used it was here. Almost everyone I have seen has had WeChat. Business will advertise their WeChat and different things you can do on the app. It seems to be very similar to Facebook, but better. You can post pictures for everyone to see, text people, call people, video call friends, and more!

Not only does everyone have smartphones, but technology is used all around you in China. A lot of the billboards are digital, in the airport and train station, there are huge screens all over. Not only do they show different flights and train information, but some also contain ads. In one of the malls, there were kiosks that can be used to find different stores, this was available in Chinese and in English. They also had an Xbox Kinect set up where you could put different clothes on yourself. 


Kids trying the Xbox Kinect in the mall.


QR codes seem to be used more in China than they are in America. I have seen a few in the US, but they are all of over in China. They are found in ads on the street, in business, and on tickets. Almost every ad has a QR code on it, and many company vans have them as well. Most businesses have QR codes at each table for people to scan. The most unique places I saw QR codes were on tickets. The tickets for the train had a QR code. Personally, it seems like China is making a better use of QR codes than we do in the US. When QR codes started to be used, I thought they could be very useful in a variety of ways and China seems to be taking advantage of QR codes. 


QR Codes on the headrests on the high speed train.

Most people understand how to use the technology that is all around them, and the prevalence of smartphones means these could be good tools to communicate with the public. The apps that were used were different than in the USA, but their uses seem very similar. 


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