Mass Media in China

The mass media in China is different than it is in America. The government has control over what is seen and what can be talked about. One person I talked with when we were at Tiananmen Square was telling me about the news in China. She said that before everyone would sit down and watch CCTV to get all their news because they would give them what they needed to know. Tiananmen Square gate, with the picture of Mao Zedong, is where most news stories are filmed. However now most people use the Internet. She said that CCTV is “the mouth of the government.” They do not tell the people exactly is going on, they only say what the government wants the people to know. So everyone goes online now. By going online they can try to get more information and see what all is happening and get the full story.


Tiananmen Square were news reports are taped.

When we had some free time, I watched some Chinese television to see if it was very different from what I am used to in America. They have the same types of programs, but the actual content is different. I noticed dramas, news, shopping channels, and talent type programs. The dramas are very intense. There are a lot of close-up shots and the music is very dramatic. They are like US soap operas turned up a notch. The new channels are very similar to the US. Anchors at a desk and reporters in the field. However, I know that they cannot say the same amount of things the US news can. I was surprised at how many home shopping networks there are in China. I had not thought about there being any. They also seem to be the same as they are in America, however they have QR codes you can scan for each product.
The talent shows were my favorite! There were numerous shows to watch, and they had different types of acts performing. Some were singing, some acting, and some were a combination of different types of acts. There were a lot of little kids on the shows. The kids mostly sang, and the audience and judges really liked these acts. Some had people that looked liked judges and others did not. I never actually saw anyone judge anyone though. In our global world, I had seen clips from these types of show on the Internet before, so it was exciting to actually see the shows. These shows also use QR codes to let people connect with the show and vote.


We also watch Channel V. This is their music channel. They showed a variety of music videos. Some were Chinese artists, some were k-pop bands, and a lot were Western artists. I was surprised by the amount of Western videos that were played. They also had the China Music Awards. Channel V is owned by 21st Century Fox and was started in 1994.

Video found here.


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