There and Back Again: J.P. Morgan Recap


J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge.

Yesterday evening had to be one of the best running events I’ve ever done. So I totally did not just “watch” the crowed, but once I reached the start line, I was gone. The competitive side of me was totally unleashed during the race. However, not being able to be among the first 20-50 people who started the race, it was seriously a challenging run. Due to the immense size of the group, there were actually two heats to the race. One massive group started on one street and then 15 minutes later, the other large group began on another street. My company was placed in the second group and it took me 14 minutes 15 seconds to actually reach the start line “after” the race began. Why? The overflow of participants makes it literally impossible to start running once the announcer has signaled. Immediately I was separated from the company group because of all the pushing and shoving participants did as we were slowly walking to the start line.

My Biggest obstacle: A small 7 year old GIRL…

Once I was able to relax and allow my legs to open up, there was a 7 year old spectator who decided to penetrate the stream of runners coming towards her. It seems as though she was blindly chasing something she had dropped and carelessly did not look both ways. As a seasoned runner, I gauged the distance between the small child and myself, and believed that we both had a enough time to miss each other. I was wrong. Within seconds, all I remember doing was trying to slow down before I ended this little girl’s life before it even started. To save her life; I risked my own, and ended up just tapping her gently as I soared into the air, landing hard on the other side of her. She barely even blinked an eye or registered what exactly happened. Luckily, I came away unscathed due to my docile reaction time. However, I did lose my water bottle for a split second, until a kind German runner retrieved it for me. He asked several times if I was okay, as he looked me over not believing me. Meanwhile, the flood of runners were still passing by undeterred by the incident before them. I regained my composure and began the race again, for the second time.The race was soon over, as I crossed the finish line in 25:16 not breathing too hard.I was thrilled that I was able to run 5.6km without stopping. At the finish line there was a plethora of cameras, water, beer, and bananas! Instead of taking the sub-way back to the office, I bumped into a  tall gentlemen who worked for Deutsche Bank.The company had the second largest participation among all the companies entered (1,328), with just Lufthansa in front of them with 1,600 participants.We walked back to the start line together and engaged in conversation as though we were friends reuniting. Before departing, he gave me the classical European good-bye.

Overall, the experience was completely breathtaking.There was music and thousands of spectators all positioned along the streets of Frankfurt.Would I do this again? Yes, in a heart beat.





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