There and Back Again: J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge

Today is the DAY! The 40th Annual J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge began this summer on April 7 in Johannesburg. The race is 40 years old this summer but each city has their own anniversary of when they joined the challenge. For example, Frankfurt joined 25 years ago, making today the 24th Annual J.P. Morgan race. The race will commence in the city of Frankfurt with a 3.5 mile course (5.6km) starting around 6:30pm tonight, if it doesn’t rain. The race is to raise money for the German Sport Aid Foundation and the German Disabled Youth Foundation. Last summer on June 17, the crowd of over 70, 000 runners raised 253,000 Euros. The race is held in cities such as: Johannesburg, Singapore, Rochester, Chicago, Championship, New York, Syracuse, Boston, Frankfurt, Buffalo, London, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Sydney. However, among these great cities, Frankfurt has risen to the top and garnered the title of the largest J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge race in the WORLD. For the last three years, Frankfurt has exceeded over 70,000 runners and the champion for the past three years has been Tinka Uphoff. Ms. Uphoff works for the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority and has won the past three races in the times of 19:07, 18:59, and last year in 19:09.14wchamp460

TF_NCAA2013As a former track and field athlete, I am very competitive, but today I will just enjoy being there. Zechbau has 12 total runners, with 11 being males and I am the lucky one! I have spent the last four years never running more than 1 minute and 40 seconds in practice; and not running more than 60 seconds in any of my competitions. Since I have arrived in Germany, I have trained myself to run up to 25 minutes without stopping and for a sprinter, it’s not half bad. I also took the last 13 months off from track and anything physical, so I am excited to return today. It is honor to run in the biggest J.P. Morgan race in the world.
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