My Asian Escapades: Seongsu Cafe Street

Before coming to Korea, I didn’t pay much attention to the number of coffee shops and cafes that existed in my neighborhood or even within other cities I often traveled to. However, simply “overlooking” a cafe is nearly impossible here in Korea, especially within the districts of Seoul. Seongsu, the same city famous for its handmade shoes, is also known for its numerous cafes. There are dozens of the comfortable dining areas that offer varieties of drinks, snacks and pastries. Some cafes are in traditional buildings, on the corners or in front of busy streets. However, other cafes have been opened inside of old, repurposed brick factories giving off a rustic and artsy feel. Today, my wonderful guides Su and Lisa took me on a tour of that peaceful area. Here are a few of the snapshots from our trip.


The ladies and I even stopped by the famous “Yellow Cafe”, called Maxim. A beautiful cafe tucked away at the end of the street, the yellow color of the building automatically draws you in, but the beautiful quotes and ambiance of the shop keeps you there.


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