There and Back Again: German Market



What meat to pick?!?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to the market with Izzy and her mother. Food is food yes, but how it is presented can be quite different depending on where you are in the world. I am only speaking from my experience and no one else’s, but it seemed to me that this particular German market had so many options. I am used to Wal-Mart and Kroger and their selections of foods. In this market, the choices to choose from were overwhelming, for example, there are so many types of cheeses and meats that you can choose from. Even the types of jam and jelly you can choose from are almost too much. The market is small but it is packed with everything that you would need to cook a meal at home. Please enjoy the photos below of the market I visited yesterday and feel free to ask any questions or share your opinions!

The above photo is what the isles looked like and as you can see, customers are not short of options. I love anything gummy, preferably HARIBO, and this shelf is full of different types of gummy bears and gummy flavors.

These photos depict the presentation of the food as customers walk through with their carts to choose items.

I love these photos because it shows how fresh the food is in the market. Americans are prone to buy freezer food and use the microwave or stove to heat things up. Since I have been in Germany, Mrs. Brix (host mom) has cooked everything we’ve eaten on that very day. There is ALWAYS a fresh salad each day and currently, I have not eaten the same salad twice yet. A basic meal here so far has always had a salad, meat, and a starch. However, we must not forget the amazing dessert Mrs. Brix makes for after the meal, either lunch or dinner.

IMG_3575 Germans love their sausages and this is a display of some various types of sasauges they eat. Even though this is practically delicacy here in the country, I actually perfer not to eat this. A few of my male co-workers took me to the famous Franfurt market and took me to a sausage stand. The stand was managed by two older women who had been making these famous Frankfurt sasauges for around 50 years. I politely declinded and instead had a great salami sandwhich with a unique cheese spread.There is also several meat stands around Frankfurt and in my small town of Lich!




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