There and Back Again: Welcome Party

Welcome Party 5.15.16

It was a calm Sunday morning and afternoon until 5:30 pm came around. I woke up around 8:30am and made scrambled eggs for Mrs. Brix and I. After breakfast, I wrote several emails to people in America. Then we decided to watch the Avatar in German with English subtitles so that I can learn. This was quite interesting because technology has gotten so much better when comes to movies being published in foreign  countries. While watching the movie, without my knowledge, there was a surprise party being arranged for me, as a welcome to Germany party.


Watching the Avatar in German.


The Amazing German Friends!


We had a cookout and then these amazing students brought their own homemade dishes and desserts.

The party was amazing and it gave me the opportunity to practice my German, while also teach English to people. There were two friend circles, the first circle consisted of friends who had known each other since grade school. The other friend circle consisted of friends who had recently met and ranged from 23-26 years of age, with former circle being between 20-22 years of age.

While communicating with everyone, I learned several things:

  1. A cupcake must have icing on it and if not, it is considered  a muffin, even if the muffin has sprinkles on it.
  2.  Getting married or engaged between the ages of 23-25 is too young by many in Germany, even if you have been dating for four years.
  3. Whatsapp is used by many people in Germany because SMS is till not offered as unlimited as in the USA.



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