20150713_123921[1]While I sit here reflecting back on my Ghanaian experience, I am finding it really hard to express my experience in words.  Ghana has been an amazing life changing experience.  The challenges that the Ghanaian citizens have to endure on a daily basis and yet they are happy and full of love and life has truly made me examine my life and the things I value the most.  I must say that from my first impressions of Ghana and now after experiencing this beautiful country has not really changed my impressions, but what has changed is my mind-set.  How I handle my everyday life.   Too watch the grace and appreciation that the Ghanaian people have for life words can’t justify.


Here in the U.S. we are not experiencing the challenges that the Ghanaian people deal with on a daily basis like; water and electricity being shut off by our government.  Nor are we being told there is not enough water or electricity to go around.  Ghana has made me readjust my attitude about how to deal with difficult situations.  Ghana has taught me to find strength in any situation.  Like walking across seven rope bridges and/or living in housing where there may not be a toilet to use just a hole in the ground outside blocked off by a brick wall.

20150716_101156[1] 20150711_105958[1]


The most memorable things about Ghana would be the spirit of the people.  The welcoming warmth that they give; their pride for their country; their love for life; and how well they uphold a positive attitude through difficult times or what we think are difficult.  Ghanaians look at these situations as ways of life and you just have to find the good in these situations.  At first that didn’t set well with me I felt they were settling and doing nothing about what was happening to them.  Well after talking to several people I met along my journey I have learned, why complain about something that you really can’t change.  Instead of complaining and fighting against the government, they work to find solutions to make life better within their own communities and households.   The people look out for one another and when one needs they come together to help.  They have shown and taught me the true meaning of unity.  While there we visited an orphanage.  To see how the children look out for one another and the love and warmth they shared with us was beautiful.  Unity, love, sharing, and caring are taught from youth.




What I would advise anyone wanting to visit Ghana, change your mind-set.  There are conditions that you will not be used to, that will not set well with you.  However, keeping an open mind and allowing yourself to embrace the culture can help make your Ghana experience one that will change your life forever.  Have fun, and be adventurous.  This experience has made me dig deep within and really look at life in a way I never knew existed.  The way I look at food, electricity, water and most of all loving the people around me and my country.  Ghana, thank you for an amazing exciting experience.



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