Ghana’s technology is developed in the since that some people do have internet/WiFi access. However, access to WiFi is really hard to come by.  I purchased a portable modem so that I can post my required blogs.  I have had tremendous amounts of challenges trying to connect to the Internet, and WiFi isn’t as accessible as it is in the US or Europe.  There are no WiFi cafés or a McDonald’s on every corner where one can go to use WiFi.  As a matter of fact here in Cape Coast there are no fast food chains or Starbucks around that I have seen.  In the Capital city of Ghana (Accra) you may find a KFC, but still have not seen a McDonald’s or our famous Starbucks that is known around the world.  With the electricity shutting down most of the times, it makes it very hard for WiFi to stay on.  In my observations I have noticed that when the electricity is off the WiFi starts to slow down or completely disconnects, and the electricity is off most times.  Monday July 20th was a national holiday in Ghana and I woke up to no electricity and it stayed off until 3am.  So although technology is developed it is also underdeveloped.

cell phones being sold in Ghana on the streets

Technology is underdeveloped due to the lack of places WiFi can be accessed.  Sometimes you may find a restaurant that has Wifi, but you do not see people coming in with computers. The restaurants are only for eating and socialize.  Cell phones are used by just about everyone and some people have internet available on their phone.  Not everyone has a smart phone; their phone may have a touch screen but does not have the smart phone capabilities.  I have seen the little cell phones like Nokia, which do not have the touch screen.  Billboards are everywhere advertising smartphones, and in the markets you see used old cell phones being sold.

20150716_234039[1]               20150720_213332[1]                20150720_213510[1]

In Ghana social media is big.  I have met a great deal of people who have ask if they can stay in touch through Facebook.  Just about everyone you talk to is on Facebook.  The other social media platforms are used such as Twitter and Instagram, however I am finding that they are used mainly with businesses.  The FM radio stations I have visited use a great deal of the social media platforms, but without a doubt Facebook is highly favored.  I have never communicated so much on social media than I do here in Ghana.  This has been my only means to communicate, out side of face to face communication.  Because of my smartphone I am able to pick up Facebook and send text messages back and forth to the US.  To communicate with my now Ghanaian friends I have to use social media.  It’s been fun and a much needed learning experience.  However, I’m still not an expert.

Well I must say Ghana tries to be up on the modern day technology, they have a lot of catching up to do.  One thing that I found that communicated well with me was my little (big friend) “Mr. Crocodile”

One of many outings Dr. Abaidoo took us on, playing with the CrocodilesIMG_0107[1]


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