Overlooked form of Communication: Graffiti in Spain


"The fight is the only path"

During my time in Spain I saw an abundant amount of amateur graffiti. From major cities to pueblos, every street I walked down I could always find graffiti. What struck me about all this graffiti was the messages it was sending. Most of the graffiti was not the eccentric artist tag we usually think of when speaking of graffiti, but graffiti with a political or deep uplifting message.

This to me is relevant because in major cities 100s of people will talk by these messages a day. Uplifting messages could make all the difference to walkers and political messages could have impacts on elections. In some cases, the graffiti I would see included hashtag or a place to go online to learn more about a movement. That is powerful.


2015-06-21 21.09.06In addition to this, another form of graffiti I found in Spain was people leaving their Instagram and or Twitter handles written on walls. I came across this phenomenon I had never seen before in over five Spanish cities. Though I didn’t follow any of the
accounts I found, it makes me wonder how many people have. As well, it is interesting that we live in a day and age where if one sees an @ or # symbol they know to go to Twitter or Instagram to search for this individual.

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