Communication Technology in Spain


Communication technology in Spain is abundant. From cell phones to computers, all forms of communication technology can be found all over the major cities and smaller outlying cites. Wifi is plentiful, reliable, and at most eating establishments and large stores. I even found wifi access at an entire theme park and at a beach. The average citizen has easy access to technology. There are many cheap monthly phone services one can purchase and if they can’t afford that there are plenty of library style computer cafes people have access to, even in the small pueblos.Image

Smartphones are prevalent and fairly affordable in Spain. With that being stated, social media is also prevalent. Since most restaurants have wifi they also have FaceBook pages, many times that you are directed to once you enter their free wifi service. FaceBook is clearly the social media outlet of choice, however, after speaking with high school students in a small Spanish pueblo, it is obvious that Instagram is the next choice for teens.

Based on conversations and observations, social media is a great medium to advertise or organize events. Social media is commonly used and totally socially accepted. I didn’t meet anyone under the age of 50 that didn’t have a FaceBook and even those above 50 knew about social media.

Social media is being used by restaurants, event planers, and organizations. One social media page in particular that is very vocal in the community is one against bull fighting. This new anti bull fighting movement is fairly new to Spain and gaining much momentum because of social media.

Uber Ban

In recent times, there has been one form of communication technology that has been made illegal in Spain. It is the smartphone application Uber. Uber is an app that helps one find individuals who act as a taxi service nearby for a small fee. This app is popular in the United States. Spain made this application illegal because they were afraid it would take jobs away from taxi companies due to the cheap prices of Uber rides. I found this interesting because if in the  United States a law like this was passed people would quickly petition against it, though in Spain this Uber ban seems to have gone overlooked.

-Kylie Torres


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