China: Bonus Blog With Media Observations

DW pagodasAs I finish my blog assignments, I realize that there are a few miscellaneous observations that I made about media while in China that readers might find interesting:

— Locals that I spoke with enjoyed many American TV shows including “The Ellen Degeneres Show” and “Modern Family.” This greatly surprised me as the content aired on these programs doesn’t strike me as being in accordance with the Communist party’s cultural sensibilities. By the way, China Air showed “Big Bang Theory” during an in-country flight that contained mostly Chinese passengers. Not what I’d expected!

— Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Evidently the Chinese have their own equivalent of Facebook (but I couldn’t understand the name) and local citizens use YouKu instead of stand 2

— One of the couples on my tour reported watching CNN in their Beijing hotel room one night. As a story started about Chinese dissidents, the broadcast was interrupted and the screen went black.  After a few seconds, the broadcast continued with the next story.  Wish I’d seen this example of censorship for myself.

— I found it interesting that an Oprah Winfrey book is among the best-selling books in China.  Check out #8!

news atnd 3

news atnd 1— I read several articles in the July 2 English-language newspapers — Global Times and China Daily — addressing China adapting a new national security law. Evidently the government deems the Internet as an “extension of sovereignty” and ties it to the country’s needs to protect its “political security and social stability.”

This does it for my blogs from China as I fly home tomorrow from Hong Kong.  Happy to share more pictures and stories in person about my enriching experiences.  Thanks for following my adventure.


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