England: A Historical Country

IMG_1016The uniqueness of the country, England is tied to its rich history and tradition.

Even though this was my first time in England, I was able to imagine what the country looked like in the past and learn a little about wars that had been fought. This was possible, because of the visual representations situated all over the country. Such as very old buildings, museums, castles, cathedrals, memorial stones, stately homes, and paintings.

IMG_1139As we entered the country and its city, London, I observed that not only did the government try to preserve some of the historical feel of the country, but it also celebrated its icons that included members of the royal family, football stars, artists, musicians, literary giants, army officials, etc.

IMG_1145For instance, there were memorial stones built for those who fought in world war II and pictures of previous monarchs in certain locations.

The Queen: Pride of England

IMG_1160The most celebrated icons were members of the royal family. Even the people I interacted with acknowledged that the monarchy was the pride of England. This may explain why the media never failed to showcase the activities of the royal family and the reason a few I spoke with, believed that the Queen was the foremost icon of England.

To get a sneak peek into the life of the Queen, I concluded plans to visit her castle.

A Real Castle

I hadIMG_1392 always been curious about castles, which I had only seen in the movies and storybooks. So, after I made the choice to go on the study tour to UK, I hoped I would have the opportunity to visit one. However, the decision to visit one became finalized after I learnt how much the Queen meant to the local people.

image (31)It was tough selecting the castle to visit, because England has over 100 castles. But, when I found out that Windsor castle was the official home of the Queen of England and also the largest, I opted to go there.

Windsor Castle

IMG_1425The castle was beautiful, with picturesque landscape.

As Iimage (35) strolled around the castle, I discovered the Thames River, which was home to the swans that belonged to the Queen. I learnt that the swans were well taken care of by a royal employee and no one was allowed to harm them.

IMG_1400Also, I made new friends and found out that those who worked for the Queen did so with pride.


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