It’s hard to pick what the most memorable experience of the SEAM tour, but if I had to pick one I would say our visit to CNN. This was the most impactful because of the relation it had to my personal research interests. Over the past year I have been compelled to learn more about national security and how religion plays a role in war. Upon our visit to CNN, I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Greene, who creates stories out of data. HIs personal research interests include religion and I was able to relate and really invest in the topics he discussed.


As he pointed out, numbers are more impactful when their is something to accompany the digits. For example, he showed how he brought to life the amount of people who were killed in concentration camps during the Holocaust. He worked with a designer to create a map that showed the amount of people that died in concentration camps through a one minute clip. This clip was so powerful and moving and was much more impactful than simply looking at the number solely. In addition to this experience, the rest of the time I spent in London was equally as impactful.


Getting around was very easy, as was assimilating. I have used the tube (public transportation) before and due to the fact that their public transportation is amazing I was able to cram much more sight seeing into my short visit. To those people who what to come visit London, I would say that you need to do your research ahead of time. There is so much to see and do that it is better to prepare ahead of time that way you can prioritize the activities you participate in. I would also recommend that you try the Indian food and definitely find a traditional pub with some Fish and Chips. London has so much to offer and it is easy to find the locals only spots simply by wandering down the street.

-Erica Price


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