Local pride

by Hunter7Taylor (Inger Eberhart)

London is such a diverse city!  As I walked down the street or into stores, it became common to hear five or six different languages.  Although there is this vast amount of diversity in the city, there was still a sense of local pride.  I will define local in the context of the UK not just London.  A referendum on the EU led the television news stories during the study tour’s stops in Brighton and London.

In a nutshell, there were calls from the public to withdraw from the EU.  High profile issues around the increase in illegal immigration which places pressure on the benefits system in the UK and the over 10-year struggle to deport terrorists have led many citizens to sense they do not have a say in how their nation operates.   In response to the electorate’s concerns and during his campaign, Prime Minister David Cameron (Conservative Party) promised a referendum on whether or not the UK will remain in the EU.  The message resonated and Conservatives were swept into office with a majority; the Party’s first majority since 1997.  There is a desire for the UK citizens to determine their laws, immigration and national security policies.

This sense of pride runs deep.  They are confident in their history, traditions and ability to determine the future of their nation.

Conservative Party victory


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