Country Profile

After doing my country analysis paper, the facet I noticed the most upon visiting England was the impact of mass media. England has a large and powerful mass media. As I pointed out in my paper, the print media is the largest and oldest in the entire world. The aspects of the mass media that play a large role in everyday society are the print media and digital media/ broadcasting.


First, the press plays a vital role in society; not only is there a national press but there is also a regional press. According to the Guardian, the 10-based London national titles sell roughly 9.5 million copies a day. Overall there are three different newspaper sectors including the broadsheet, middle market, and tabloids. Even though newspaper’s are slowly fading out and there is a large shift to digital, you could still see newspaper’s being handed out on every single corner and people reading different publications all throughout the day in England. Looking at broadcast media, England has the largest broadcasting corporation in the world, the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). Overall, British television has over 480 channels and produces over 27,000 hours of domestic content. In total, the BBC attracts over one third of the total television audience. Being the largest broadcaster in the world, the BBC houses over 14 channels. Because of the large amount of media, all members in England have to pay a yearly broadcasting fee that helps benefit these corporations.


Studying in a communication program, being able to explore the mass media in England was important to me and played a large role in why I chose to participate in the SEAM tour. During the last week of our summer study experience, we got to tour the BBC. This experience showed how everything comes together and just how large and important of a role the BBC has in England and worldwide.

-Erica Price


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