Communication in England

England has an extremely developed communications sector. Citizens have the same access to technology as does any American. Social media is extremely prevalent, many companies such as Linkedin and Hootsuite have large offices in England. Platforms that play a large part in the social aspect are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, and more. One thing I really noticed after talking with people is that everyone is beginning to realize how important digital is, especially of how important it is to the millennials. That large shift from print to digital is currently underway. With such a large audience on social media platforms a viable way of reaching out to them is through these sites. In addition to social platforms, the media is heavily relied on for conveying messages.


In the United Kingdom communication matrix, the media is heavily utilized for conveying messages and connecting to their audience. The United Kingdom is home to some of the top public relations firm in the world and have the BBC, the largest broadcaster in the world, along with offices that belong to Al Jazeera and CNN. Since the country is similar to the United States in the fact that their low-context and future-orientated, communication through the media is heavily relied upon.

IMG_0056 -Erica Price


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