Cultural Profile

Since visiting England, the cultural profile of the country is one a bit similar to the United States in the fact that the country is low-context, monochronic, future- orientated, and more linear. Because of the similarities in terms of the cultural profile, the transition into the culture has been smooth and enjoyable. In order to really understand how the culture is similar, Hofstede’s cultural facets explain how the cultures are relatable.


England is a low context culture because they tend to place more meaning in the actual text being said and the direct communication styles. By taking the words said in the literal sense, there is little left unsaid and not much room for interpretation. Monochronic revolves around the idea that cultures typical value completing one task at a time and enjoy having order and knowing what comes next. England falls under this branch because they typically tend to begin and end at a scheduled time and plan in advance. Building off of this they are also very future-orientated. Being a future orientated culture tend, England tends to be focused on innovation and building towards a more prosperous future. One of the largest sectors in England is the financial and technology sector and much money is poured into these various industries.


The similar culture has made assimilation quite easy, for those who haven’t traveled or first time traveling abroad, England makes for the perfect place!


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