Last thoughts abroad

P1010946During my time traveling to Dublin, Brighton, and London, I had the wonderful opportunity to go behind-the-scenes to learn how foreign corporations function globally. As a student whose focus is in journalism, my most memorable moments during my time abroad were visiting the BBC and CNN in London. Thanks to the development of social media, journalism has changed how stories are developed and produced for public consumption. Having the opportunity to visit both news organizations and talk to experienced journalists educated me what I need to do as a student to better my resume and skill to be more successful in the field.

When I wrote my first entry blog in Dublin, I mentioned that it was a bit of challenge to acclimate to the city life, as I am accustomed to the suburban lifestyle. That remained true in Dublin, as it was the first city I ever travelled outside of the U.S. However, after a day walking around Dublin, I found it very easy to assimilate to the culture and navigate my way around the city streets. With the help of local residences and my trusty GPS, Dublin quickly felt like home. What is very interesting about Brighton and London is that unlike Dublin, I did not have any trouble getting used to their environment. During my time in Dublin, I learned a lot about what to expect and how to overcome obstacles that I am more likely to face when visiting Brighton and LoP1020125ndon. Therefore, by the time I arrived in both cities, I was able to go about my day without any hesitation as to what unfamiliar challenges I may encounter.

One piece of advice I would give future students if traveling to these three cities is to bring versatile clothing. Opposite to the warm climate that is annually experienced in Georgia during the month of May, the climate in Dublin, Brighton, and London are very cold and rainy. Therefore, it is very important to bring clothing that can withstand both elements when walking. From experience, traveling in cities such as these, I found it wise to bring clothes that can be layered. The reason for this is that the climate in all three cities is very capricious. One prime example was when I was visiting Dublin. The climate in this particular city is very unpredictable as it goes from one extreme to the next. Meaning, one moment the sky is clear without a single cloud in the sky then the next minute without warning it is raining. Therefore, it is important to bring clothing that is lightweight and durable so that it can accommodate all types of climate changes.

Another piece of advice I would tell future students would be to make sure they bring the appropriate adaptors/converters so they can properly use any type of electrical device from the U.S. The reason for this is that the electrical outlets in Europe (Dublin, Brighton, and London) are not the same as in the U.S. Also, when purchasing any type of adaptor, you must make sure it can withP1020060stand the high voltage exchange between your device and the European outlet. When I purchased my own adaptor, I did not take this into account. Although I bought a universal adaptor, it was not designed to convert high voltage like what my hairdryer produced. Consequently, my hairdryer blew a fuse, making it inoperable. From personal experience, I suggest to anyone traveling to Europe to make sure to not only by the correct adaptor, but also make sure it can successfully convert high voltages without ruining their devices.


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