Communication technology in Brighton

Everywhere you go

image (17)

Mercure hotel in Brighton. Photo by Ngozi Maduoma.

I thought of the best way to describe the wireless network situation in Brighton and the slogan, “Everywhere you go” used by a telecommunications provider in Nigeria came to mind. WiFi was literally every place we visited; in the mall, restaurant, bookshop, café, hotel, bus, you name it! However, not all the places offered free access to the portal, although a majority allowed its customers have access.

WiFi: Yes!

image (20)

Lunch at Chilli Pickles in Brighton. Photo by Ngozi Maduoma.

The presence of WiFi was advantageous for us who went on the study tour and it became the channel we used for communication amongst ourselves. Once we entered a place, the first question usually was “Do they have WiFi?” The availability of free WiFi defined our relaxation spots. It turned out that more often than not, most places had free WiFi. Everyone could access it with a smart phone.

Smart phone technology: The iPhone

image (13)This was not a limitation, because the iPhone was observably the most used in the city. To discover this, I became a people watcher at the Mercure hotel’s lobby. It seemed awkward to ask complete strangers about the make of their mobile phones, so I decided to sit at the hotel lobby and observe the people coming in and going out.

image (15)I only sat there for 15 minutes and within that time frame, I saw ten people that had iPhones and 1 person with a Samsung mobile phone. Just to have a second opinion, I asked one of the hotel’s employees about the mobile phone mostly used in Brighton. She confirmed that many used either an iPhone or an Android to stay connected to their social media pages.

Social media: the new big thing

image (14)Yes, social media again! This happens to be the buzz in today’s world. Individuals and even organizations cannot keep out of it; it has many people plugged in. Also, since it’s a free medium, companies utilize it to gain consumers’ attention and interact with them.

The three organizations we visited in Brighton – FUGU PR, Pegasus and Juice FM, attested to the fact that social media can no longer be ignored in business practice. PR campaigns were put on Facebook to generate the necessary buzz and radio discussion questions were posted on Facebook and Twitter prior to showtime, to encourage audience participation.

The city of Brighton is definitely keeping up with technology.


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