Disconnect to connect

By Hunter7Taylor (Inger Eberhart)

There is a theory in communication by Watzlawick called the Interactional View.  Among other things, it states that one cannot not communicate.  In short, you are always communicating either intentionally or unintentionally and with the onslaught of technology, the push to communicate heightens.  However, Sunday afternoon about not communicating and disconnecting.

Brighton, all parts far & near, are well-equipped to handle any communication needs.  There is wifi in the hotels, most restaurants, on the trains and buses.  There are no issues with the communication infrastructure.  The beach town provides the capability to remain connected at any time with anyone from anywhere.  However, Sunday was about my choice to disconnect.

Often, the best method to find an answer to a question is to get away from it.  I needed to decide between two research questions for the study tour journal and capstone project.  A one-hour ride from the Mercure Hotel in Brighton to the Seven Sisters Cliffs in Seaford, UK helped to clear my head.  Along the way, I came across quaint and quiet seaside towns with narrow streets and rolling hills which prepared me for this…

Seven Sisters Cliffs beach, Seaford UK

Seven Sisters Cliffs, Seaford, UK

Seven Sisters Cliffs, Seaford, UK


The beautiful Seven Sisters Cliffs of Seaford was what I needed.  I spent a few hours walking along the rocky beach and took pictures and videos of the shore and rolling waves.  I walked up the rolling hillsides littered with sheep bleating, birds singing and tiny yellow flowers blowing in the wind.  The brief escape provided the time needed to decide on the research project that would carry me through December.

So, I said all of this to say, during your study tour of communications and your required blogs, take the time to disconnect from the noise and din of assignments, meetings and site visits.  Purposely disconnect in order to reconnect with what you need to make it through to the next  phases of this school journey.


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