Brighton- The Cultural Melting Pot

imageHaving the chance to visit Brighton in the UK has been a fantastic cultural experience. Surrounded by an eclectic mix of people, shopping, and restaurants Brighton is the hip-cultural center of the UK’s south coast that is a must-see for traveling visitors.

In essence, Brighton is a cultural melting pot, which was why I wanted to visit to observe how specific European cities represent cultural diversity in the public eye. What is really interesting from my observations when walking through its streets is that Brighton takes great pride in its diversity. From my perspective, Brighton is not built on food chains or is heavily commercialized like what I see in the U.S., but rather by independent family entrepreneurs. This can easily be seen at every shopping center and restaurant. However, one of my most memorable moments that illustrates Brighton’s cultural heritage is when I had the opportunity to eat lunch at the family run Indian bistro Chili Pickle. Its menu consists of a variety of foods that are custom to Indian tradition, giving customers the chance to experience cuisines that are untouched by commercial franchises.


However, what makes this coastal city so unique is its dedication to the cultural arts and music at the Brighton Festival. Every year, Brighton opens up its streets to artists and musicians to showcase their talent and ideas to the public. Back in the U.S., I only heard of its existence and have been told that it was an event not to be missed if I was ever to travel to the U.K. Luckily, my time in Brighton has allowed me to experience this event in person. imageWhat I found amazing about the Brighton Festival was that all talent is welcomed. Regardless if the artist is a beginner or a 20 year veteran of the arts, all are welcome no matter what genre the performance is emulating. From my experience, that is what makes Brighton so unique, which is this act of openness. The Brighton Festival is about finding new possibilities in the field of arts. Also, it is about opportunity that allows artists to show their work and give spectators the chance to interact and learn from those experiences.


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