Touchdown Dublin!

The first stop as part of the MAIGC (Master of Arts in Integrated Global Communication) summer study tour was Dublin. When arriving in Dublin the first thing I noticed was the striking wind. I stepped off the plane bright-eyed and bushy tailed and was greeted with strikingly cold weather. The route into the city was beautiful and fully what I anticipated…… gorgeous architecture and beautiful farms. Since day one, the sun has been minimal and the rain has been plentiful.


After checking into the hotel assimilating into Dublin was pretty easy. Since we are at the Trinity City Hotel, we are smack in the middle of everything. In true form, the first meal we ate was fish and chips in a traditional Irish pub with a folk singer to serenade us. Many of the popular places are located next to each other. Situated next to the famous Temple Bar are many traditional pubs and bakeries. The one aspect I have really noticed in regards to the food is that everything is fresh. Every type of food item says the specific farm that the food came from and what allergies pose a threat, if any. All of the meats and fish are caught fresh and prepared daily; if they are not fresh then they are taken off the menu.


Since the first day, we have been able to access many of the tourist sites and walk almost anywhere. We are right next to the Irish Times, Trinity College Dublin, and the Tourism Office. One of the most beautiful and striking buildings were those on the campus of the Trinity College Dublin. From the modern art pieces, ancient sculptures, and gothic influenced architecture, there was not a sight for sore eyes. In addition to the astounding gothic architecture, almost all of the store fronts are infused with bright colors.


We’re only three days in and I feel right at home in this city. Between the rich culture and inviting people, Dublin has already surpassed my expectations. Meeting the locals and learning about the hidden gems of the city has been such a rewarding and intimate experience. -Erica Price

Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.- W.B. Yeats


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