First Stop: Dublin

My first impression of Dublin was that it is a lot like the United States. Now that I have settled a bit more, of course I see the differences, however, on the surface, all major cities have many similarities. As I dove deeper into the culture, I noticed the sense of unity that the people seem to have. What I mean by this is that everyone seems to want to better their society and create a better Ireland. For example, this week a vote for wedding equality will take place. Everywhere in the city one can see supporters for this vote who want equality. Many people are wearing pins and the topic comes up frequently in conversation. The papers are saying 70% of the population want marriage equality. In the U.S. I feel as though we don’t unite like the Irish do. They seem much more involved in politics and getting the voice of the minority heard. It is clear people who don’t identify in the queer spectrum are still very passionate about making this, somewhat of a progressive idea, a law. It’s a beautiful thing.

As far as the physical aspects are concerned, Dublin has much more historical background than cities in the U.S. It has a sort of New Orleans feel to it, but the buildings are much older. The atmosphere is historic, beautiful, and welcoming. As well, transportation seems abundant, one can easily take a bus to the airport form anywhere in the city. 
Finding food in Dublin has been quite fun. Being a vegan, I am always on the lookout for vegan options. Please visit Silver Spork News for updates on my dining adventures! Overall, assimilating to Dublin culture has not been difficult. The people seem very willing to talk and are anxious to ask you about where you’re from. It has been fun in Dublin but I’m ready to see London, Brighton, and then move on to the rest of Europe! This will be a summer to never forget. 

-Kylie Torres



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