Billy wants his daughter back

By Hunter7Taylor (Inger Eberhart)

Yesterday, I happened upon a political rally while walking down the street.  I promised not to engage in any revolutions while abroad and I’m batting a thousand so far!  As I walked toward the rally in front of the Bank of Ireland, I decided to approach an older gentleman holding a flag emblazoned with the words “Irish Republic,”, another reading “Ireland says no to emigration” and the tri-color Irish flag.

As one who is heavily involved in immigration issues in the US, I wanted to know Billy’s thoughts on emigration.  Billy stated that after seven years of education in Ireland his daughter left for Australia.  I asked why.  Billy’s daughter is in social work and could not find a job in Ireland.

Tell me more

The Irish government (taxpayers) bailed out the banks to the tune of millions of euros.  As a result, of the bailout and concurrent recession, there are few jobs available.  Billy’s daughter wants to come back & Billy wants her to return but, alas, she is unable.  Multiply his scenario by 250,000 in a nation of only 4 million people and this becomes a national issue.  Ireland invests in its native talent only to have them relocate elsewhere. The return on investment (ROI) is dismal and it leaves the nation with supply of talent woefully inadequate to handle the demand.

This is just one Irishman’s story of many.  I felt it important to share one man’s story that won’t be found in the papers, reported on the news or even mentioned in passing.  Clearly, it is easy and convenient to look at an issue from a macro viewpoint but what about the thousands of individual stories that make up the whole.  Is not the SEAM about communication?  How better to communicate than for one person to share their individual story with another person who is interested in what they have to say.  Billy sought to share his story and I sought to listen.


Billy (grey jacket & blue jeans)


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