Journey ends…and yet It’s just beginning

At the Beijing International airport Dr. Meng asked, “Did you accomplish everything you desired?”  My reply, “That and then some.”  In truth, this global communications journey went beyond my expectations, increased my gratitude, and brought further clarity & experience as an International Student Success Coach.

A great highlight of my journey was being asked to MC an International event held by SISU: Shanghai International Studies University.  Students from China, Russia, and the US were all in attendance.securedownload-13  It was a wonderful evening of connecting and collaboration.

 The Absolute Icing on my China cake: Conducting the International Student Success Workshop


Most know that I am a former teacher and certified master coach with Inside Track, the leading success coaching company for college students. As a graduate student, my trip to China was focused on gathering research and interviews from both KSU and SISU students on perspectives that will help transform education.IMG_2473 IMG_2469 IMG_2491 IMG_2493 IMG_2529

 My belief is that everyone talks about changing education but fail to ask the most important individuals…sticker_4.5x4.5The Students! Over the past year, I have been working on the completion of my book… We Demand to Be Taught: The Student Revolution and Your Role in it.

 America & China

When anyone speaks of American education the mention China’s education system also enters the discussion. Yet, for the first time ever Chinese and American students collaborated on change from their perspective.


Students collaborated while sharing their passion and beliefs about change. What was most amazing was the closing of the event, wherein students imagined what was possible within the world of education.


Interesting enough, despite the difference in language, culture and country origin each student desired the same thing.



Freedom from tests that don’t prepare them for life….


Freedom from stress…Freedom from Labels…Freedom to learn in the way that serves them best.

Both Chinese and American students thanked me for the opportunity to share their voice, providing hope that change both in the US and in China can go beyond possibility to an absolute reality.IMG_2551 By the way:  I’m happy to say that I am now coaching Chinese students through WeChat and Skype.  As I said,

“The journey is just beginning.”


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