Edelman Korea

CIMG9565Being one of the most important PR agencies in the world, Edelman has several offices worldwide. One of these worldwide offices is Edelman Korea.  According to Sung-bin Jang, managing director of Edelman, the principal clients of Edelman Korea are: Mars and Samsung. As one of themajor firms on Korea, Edelman Korea considers its employees as the most important asset. As a result, the agency provides constantly training and offers various activities to the employees.  Almost 80% of the officer members have lived in other countries. As a result, the team that works in Edelman is a multicultural agency.  To have a multicultural agency some values have to be shown: quality, integrity, mutual benefits, respect, engagement spirit, and citizenship.

One of the areas that this company is specialized is in integrated marketing communication. Digital era has changed communications and companies have to integrate its areas in order to success in the market. However, in cultures like the Korean culture it is necessary to understand the market. For instance, viral market for Koreans means that the company hires people who give a negative feedback about other companies. According to Lucy Han, senior director, people trust traditional media more than other types of media. Also, to develop a campaign in Korea, a good company should approach its campaign to emotional branding.

According to Ms. Han public figures such as politician use a lot of social media. Also, social media Korea the same as in other parts of the country targets new generation. In Korea local agencies media specialist help companies to connect to the media.  To conclude, it is important to research what are the media trending in the country that one is making a campaign.



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