One Less Nuclear Power Plant: Seoul City Hall


Electricity. It is the common thread that weaves the world together, and plays an essential role within humanity. Whether one is rich or poor, young or old, the daily consumption of electricity is taken for granted.  Since the discovery of electricity, people, now more than ever, are dependent on power. As rising environmental challenges occur associated with the effects of climate change, nationwide rolling blackouts, and disasters such as the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown, the climate and environment department of the Seoul Metropolitan Government City Hall has created an energy policy that aims to respond to the global and local energy challenges facing Seoul community citizens.

At the forefront of the energy revolution, the Seoul city government has developed and implemented environmental energy efficiency policy with key initiatives to integrate renewable technologies, conserving energy, and enhancing environmental stewardship for the Seoul citizens. The policy’s main objective is to develop the city of Seoul into a global capital that recycles resources and creates its own clean energy. In order to communicate Seoul’s energy policy objective, Seoul city government officials created the “One Less Nuclear Power Plant” campaign that aims to reduce Seoul’s energy consumption by 2 million tons by June 2014. Through voluntary citizen participation energy programs, energy savings actions with building retrofit programs, LED light replacements initiatives, car sharing programs, and joint collaborative partnerships with Korean organizations, Seoul will successful reach its goal of reducing Seoul’s total energy consumption and creating a stronger and greener energy future for generations to come.

What’s next for the city of Seoul? Greening the Korean landscape more by 2020 with renewable energy. The second phase of the “One Less Nuclear Power” Plant campaign will include increasing energy sharing with the objective to for share responsibility in regards to low income citizens; increase overall energy self-sufficiently by 20% by 2020; and engaging the people of Seoul more within the movement of being energy efficient and green. Kudos to the city of Seoul! The city’s programs and policy around combating the challenges of climate and environment challenges are impressive and a true model for how other modernized cities can take a proactive stance to providing their citizens a greener and sustainable energy future.



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