Globalization In Real Time

It’s everywhere, globalization that is. Reading about globalization is one thing, but visualizing globalization in real time is completely another. After spending a few perfect days traveling around Seoul, I’m seeing globalization in real time. From culture and tourism, to social innovations, environmental allegiance, transportation and then to communication technology, globalization is all around us and increased the world’s interconnectedness.  

After visiting and touring the Hyundai Motor Company’s main Korean production and assembly facility, it was interesting to see how so much of the production of the cars are produced and built by machines.  Human power is used within the factory for placing the engine and other details to the car together; however, the main frame of the car is built 100% by intelligent robots. I found it fascinating how Hyundai and other multinational corporations are turning to remote and digital machines to facilitate the manufacturing of product the company distributes out worldwide. Globalization has definitely changed technology and human importance behind the supply chain of production within the manufacturing business.  

Another prime example of globalization in real time was with my visit to Seoul’s Arirang network. The network is considered the heart of Asia in terms of global news. The radio and television programming on Arirang range from top K-Pop music videos to the network’s live news “Korea Today” show that provides a global report on current events affecting the world with a Korean local appeal. The network integrates social media into the majority of its programming to assist the network in meeting the global and the local culture demands in propelling collaborative perspectives within the overall global discourse. Media globalization has reinvented how people interact globally and understand the world in which they live—economically, politically and culturally. 

In a sense, globalization is a force that is connecting the world. Ultimately, globalization brings the interplay of technology and communication in benefiting organizations across the world. Additionally, the rapid advances in communication technologies in a globalized world make space and time no longer factors. Thus, globalization is creating new possibilities as a cross-platform uniting the world.




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