Information and Communications Technology for Public Safety

In a country, where digital technology has been a prevailing industry for the past several years, information and communications technology (ICT) is used in daily life as a means for online communication, during a commute, when ordering coffee, when checking in to a flight, etc.However, the fact that a certain district’s authorities in Seoul use ICT for public safety demonstrates that the Republic of Korea is on the track to digitize every aspect of its citizen’s life.

The council’s technology department is a part of the first district that developed and adopted an Integrated CCTV monitoring system. With 124 artificial intelligence cameras, security becomes a number one priority for the Seoung Dong-Gu council. Two types of cameras are used: 3D as well as 2D. Continuously communicating with the control center, cameras and monitoring units show the current locations of the police officers. In case of a crime, the footage is immediately sent to the nearby police station.

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Since implementation of the CCTV monitoring system, 3k of criminal activities have been reported. Based on the existing observations of crime, council has installed additional CCTV cameras across the entire area of the district. Along with crime, CCTV cameras are used as a part of tag identifying system. Residents, who broke the traffic law or missed registration couldn’t get away with such violation. Also, each employee owns a personal mobile application to track the unregistered vehicles. Thus, dishonest individuals should always be alert and fearful for breaking the law.

Either at work or at personal time, members of the council work together to apply ICTs for the betterment of the society they live in. A visit to Seong Dong-Gu district’s Council proved that diverse ICTs are used not only for entertainment or complementing the lives of Koreans, but also to protect citizens, restrict criminals, and maintain a safer environment on the streets of Seoul.


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